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Diner Dash 5: BOOM! is another installment of this famous time management game in which you are in charge of a restaurant. Now you can upload your results in Facebook, compete with your friends, and send them gifts directly from the game. Like in all games of this sequel, the objective is to serve customers the best as possible and reach the daily goal to get to the next level. All levels have a basic goal needed to get to the next one and an expert goal, which can help you unlock special decor upgrades. There are lots of different customers who have different patience levels, so you must pay attention to the hearts they show and serve them as fast as possible. The happier they are with your service, the more tip they'll give you. The mechanism of the game is the same as always. You seat your customers in tables (trying to match their colors to get bonus points), wait for them to order, pick up their orders and drop them off for the chef, deliver the food, collect the bill and clear the dishes when they leave. You also have to be alert to a series of disasters that may occur, including natural disasters (like earthquakes, heavy rain, etc.) and fuse box problems. When any of these happen you need to protect the customers or call someone to fix the problems before the customers leave the place unsatisfied. What is more, with the money you get each level you can improve your restaurant and buy upgrades to attract more customers. Regarding graphics, they are nice, but not so good as in previous versions. Sound effects are ok and the music is suitable, but a bit repetitive. In short, Diner Dash 5: BOOM! is another time management game which may surely attract fans of this sequel as well as ordinary users.

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